Sunday, September 23, 2007

Studio Day For Me

Hello all, hope everyone is doing well. Not a whole lot going on in the Big City today just doin some work in the studio. I've started 3 rather large wall paintings and finished one the other day. They are comin out really well and are going to lead me in a fun direction. I'll try and post some pics up soon haven't gotten my camera yet probably going to get it later today or maybe Monday. I picked up the new Artforum last week and surprisingly I've been to at least ten shows that have an add. It's inspiring to know that I can flip to any page (pretty much) in Artforum and say I've not been to that show yet I can check it out tomorrow.

I'm going to make Tuesdays my gallery visiting days unless there's an opening I can attend on the weekend. There's also a Paul Noble show coming up that I really want to check out. I'm also going to revisit some of the galleries I went to last week because I'll have a camera and can show you guys what I'm seeing rather than just telling you about it. Hopefully I can post some videos up as well. Well I'm going to get back to drawing but hope all is well wherever you maybe so until next time.................


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Chris said...

Hey Charles!! It looks like your time is being well spent in the new york. awesome! The gallery's going well... Rachel comes up with the most awesome ideas and has quite a head on her shoulders. We're all a little stressed out, but all in all it's going well. I think I'm gonna have to wire you some money for some art supplies, sir...I guess art supplies are the only cheap thing up there.

We can't wait to have your help when you get back down here. Hopefully, you'll have the time to do so.

Oh and We had an article about us in the paper not too long ago.

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