Saturday, September 29, 2007

What a Gallery environment!!!!!!

Ok so for those of you who don't know I am doing my field internship with Pierogi Gallery and I have met several of their artists all of whom are extremely fun people to hang out with. Just the other day Justin, one of the gallery workers, and myself delivered a piece to Dawn Clements studio. If you guys don't know who this artist is you should check out her stuff she is an amazing artist. You can see some of here pieces on the Pierogi website. She is an extremely friendly person to be around and is quite cordial. Her studio overlooks Manhattan from the shores of Brooklyn and is full of works in progress. I've also met Jim Turok and speak to him on a daily basis bc he comes to the gallery to hang out and reply to e-mails as well as give talks about his current exhibition. I let him use my phone today and that sparked a whole conversation about Verizon wireless. I told him I used to work for them and offered to help him figure out a plan if you chose to go with that company. He's extremely friendly and very funny. Just thought I'd fill you in on the day to day goings on of my internship; tomorrow I am planning to visit MOMA so another blog will be coming soon. Hope this finds you well and until next time.................


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