Thursday, October 11, 2007

Another New Piece

Check it out another cut out piece completed. Each one of these pieces takes about 15 to 20 exacto blades a helluva lot of sanding and close to three days of work to complete. Well worth the time spent. Also I just finished helping Pierogi hang Dawn Clement's show. She is a large format artist who mainly works in pen and ink and watercolor. Here pieces, often times take up 20ft or more the largest one in the gallery at the moment covers the expanse of almost two walls. Dawn is a wonderful artist to work with. I've visited her studio twice in preperation for this exhibition and she has been nothing short of delightful. If you haven't seen her work find her website or check out her page on perogi's website.


Mike said...

Love the new stuff you've done - Hope all's well in the big city - Mike said...

So far, I am liking this one most of all of your new pieces. The yellow, purple and brown just work beautifully together.
The narrative between the characters is nice too. I can just imagine this big telling the little ones to come closer to hear something or to 'come this way'.
Tell me about the straight lines, the red ones. What is their function?

what are the titles and are you thinking of discussions between the characters when you do them?