Saturday, October 13, 2007

I'm so tired!!!!!!

So I only got maybe one day off this past week b/c we just took down Jim Turock's show and hung Dawn Clements show. I volunteered to help just to get a better understanding of what goes into hanging a show. It was quite labor intensive and busy b/c the daily maintinance and buisness of the gallery was still going on. So the opening was last night and thye had me running around the full length of Manhattan to pick up and drop of pieces that had been sold or were on loan for other shows, this took almost three hours by subway b/c my first stop was on Canal St while the other stop was on the farthest east side of 86th St. After that I helped clean up the gallery and then we recieved what seemed to be a 500lb shipment from LA. It was a gigantic crate of sculptures from one of their artists whom had just had a show out there; needless to say it took four grown men to muscle this crate into the gallery. By this time it was time to close up shop and prepare for the opening. I got picked to do bartending and I worked for tips. Made a sizable amount of money for those BUSY three hours. At around 10pm Joe started to gather his friends to occompany him to his appartment upstairs for an after party and I stayed downstairs to clean and lock up. After that I was invited upstairs to the party where I got to meet Jane Fine, John O'conner, and Darina Karpov. It was quite a night. I was at the gallery from 10:00am until 11:00pm and I was exhausted and was back there today at noon. It's been great though, several of the artists have even expressed interest in coming to my open studio which is an amazing thing in itself. Tomorrow I start assisting Joe in his studio which should be alot of fun; I'm a littl;e nervous but I'm sure I will settle into it just fine. I appologize for no reviews of shows or articles I've just been so super busy with the gallery this week that I haven't been able to find the time. I will do it soon though. Maybe tomorrow I will review Dawn Clement's show and have excerpts from here interview in the Brooklyn Rail. Until then............

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